Octobers Newsletter

December 9, 2022

On the Farm
The wet weather that continued from September into October meant that we had to bring the cows inside for the winter on October 24th, which is normal. The earliest we’ve had to bring them in has been the last week in September. That was around 30 years ago when it seemed to hammer down every day from the middle of August, and by the end of September the fields were so muddy we had no option than to bring them in. The latest we’ve brought them in has been around the middle of November. We had an amazingly dry warm autumn around 25 years ago, when some days in September were above 70 degrees Fahrenheit (old school I know, around 23 C), with some farmers still making some grass silage in November which is unheard of!  It’s only the milking herd that has come in, our youngstock and beef animals are still out grazing on the marsh. 

We’re just starting to try and get our Norwegian Red cross Friesian heifers in calf. We’re serving them now. They have a 21-day fertility cycle and can conceive for a period of 36 hours or so every 21 days. If we manage to get them in calf, they will be joining the milking herd in 9 months’ time as they start their first lactation. It will be lovely seeing these young heifers come into the herd. Hopefully you will be able to see them on turn out day when, as pregnant heifers, they will be turned out with the cows.

Save the date:

Turn Out Day next year will be on Easter Bank Holiday Monday, April 10th!

Christmas Meat Orders:

Would you love some of our beef for Christmas? Just thinking ahead!  Place your orders soon so we can do our best to make sure you have the cuts you want for the festive season. Our 5-week aged grass-fed organic beef is lovely, whether it’s steaks, joints, casseroling meat, or even some mince for a chili con carne, or spaghetti Bolognese, you can’t beat it!

Frozen Beef Offer  
We are repeating the promotion on frozen beef and offering a 25% discount, whilst stocks last.  Get in touch if you would like to place an order.  Most cuts, steaks and joints are available.

Delayed Start for New Accounting Software:  There are still a few ‘creases to iron out’ before we can start with our new accounting software, Xero.  Hopefully this will be up and running by next month.

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